"I got my fireplace insert at Superior Spas and Stoves in Hayward. Owner Reggie is very nice and helpful. . . . Best part is when there was a shortage of pellets, I came home one evening to find 2 bags of pellets, gratis from Reggie and delivered by The Irish Sweep!"

          - Caroline, Berkeley Parents Network


"We recently had to take down our brick chimney due to earthquake damage, and were told by the city that we could not restore the wood burning fireplace due to pollution abatement restrictions.  Although we miss the beauty of a real, wood fire, the gas-burning fireplace insert that we purchased from Superior Spas and Stoves is a pretty nice alternative. It turns on and off with just the touch of the switch, the blower fan heats up the room quickly, and the flames and glowing logs are quite pretty.  The installer, Wayne, also did a very nice job - returning several times to make sure that everything worked properly and passed the city's inspection.  Thanks, Reggie!"

          - Bob, Kensington, CA

  "I have a pellet stove and I get mine cleaned by Wayne Foresman. He's in Sonoma County, he comes to the East Bay about once a month to service clients here, he was recommended to me by Reggie at Superior Spas and Woodstoves in Hayward. Wayne is great, he loves his work."

          - Anonymous,  Berkeley resident

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