More on Barbecues

      I'm often asked why me, a classically trained chef loves to BBQ. One of the main reasons is that itís great to be outdoors all year round (itís always warm by the grill) and I especially appreciate the research and care that has gone into my Lynx Grill products. I get a lot of the same control outdoors that I get indoors, with the added benefit of that incredible BBQ taste!"

- Chef Robert L Rainford

About Chef Robert L Rainford

Who knows where talent comes from? Is it nature or nurture, innate or learned? For Chef Robert L Rainford it is probably a combination of the above. He has always loved food. As a child, it gave him great comfort and as an adult it fills him with great curiosity "I always thought it was a mystery how food got to taste like it did, both good and maybe not so good sometimes".

Successful television host and author, chef instructor at famed George Brown College and motivational speaker, Chef Robert L Rainford feels he is just beginning to hit his stride and is very thankful for the opportunity to share in his experiences with the mystery that is food.

Recipes & Grilling Tips

Chef Rainfordís Quick Cooking Tips
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Grilled Scallops with Orange Segments
Grilled Rack of Lamb
Cast Iron Pan Chicken Legs


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